What’s In A Name?


Ben and I have always believed that naming our children is a huge responsibility and that their name will reflect their character. For our first three we chose names that are in scripture. Asher was one of the 12 tribes of Israel. Isaac was the promised son of Abraham and Sarah. As Jesus rode in to Jerusalem on a donkey the people waved palm branches and shouted, “Hosanna!” While we were expecting the arrival of our newest baby girl a lot of people had thoughts on what name we might choose. Some thought we would choose a name beginning with an F or a T in order to have the children’s initials spell out “FAITH”. Most people assumed that it would be another directly biblical name. As Ben and I searched and prayed about what her name would be we considered those options. I personally don’t like intentionally patterning siblings names. It puts unnecessary limitations on future children’s names. We came across the name Sailor and we loved it but meaning is very important to us and it didn’t seem right. A sailor is a person a boat but spelled differently a sailer is a vessel. A sailboat. A sailboat is driven by the wind. In Greek the word for wind is “Pneuma” which is also the word used to refer to the Holy Spirit. What more could we want for our little girl than to be a vessel driven by the Holy Spirit? Then began the search for her middle name. we searched and searched but couldn’t find a name that seemed to fit until we were online one night looking and saw the name Christabelle.
Sailer Christabelle means “Beautiful Christian Vessel” We get some very different responses from people when they hear her name. Some think it is very cute and love it right away. With others it is hard to tell if they are unsure or are just trying to be polite. As for me, as I look down at this tiny person all snuggled in my arms, this child that God has entrusted to Ben and I, I pray that He will use her. I pray that she grows up to be that beautiful christian vessel driven by the Holy Spirit.