The Aftermath

“I love you so much!”
“Sleep so good.”
“Night-night baby boy.”

Kiss. Hug. Snuggle.


Prayers have been said and three little munchkins are tucked into bed.
Baby Sailer is nuzzling in my arm, smacking her lips to remind me that it is time for her bedtime snack. I dodge piles of toys as I walk down the hall. As I look around me it seems as though a cyclone has blown through my house, scattering everything in its path. I let out a sigh as I think to myself, “I feel like I have been busy all day but I have nothing to show for it. Has this whole day been a waste?”

Tempted to close myself in my room and ignore it for the night I know that tomorrow it will only get worse so I give in and do a quick pick-up. Taking an armful of laundry to the washer I hold up Asher’s big boy jammies. He has stayed dry for three nights in a row! I thought that day would never come. Next is an outfit that Sailer has quickly outgrown. It is such a relief to know that she is getting enough to eat.

I lean down to pick up some trash on the floor, “receipts” from the boys and I playing store. Isaac is learning to count and Asher just learned about money. As an added bonus I got some help putting away the clothes that they “Bought”. I pick up scraps of paper with Asher’s name all over them and some pictures of robots- at least that’s what he said they were.


I pick up enough toys and shoes to clear a pathway through the living room and pull out the vacuum cleaner. As I begin to vacuum up dried cheerios I remember my sweet Isaac this morning, “Sing with me, Mommy!” I love the way that they study my mouth, hanging on to every word as I sing them songs about scripture. As I vacuum up remnants of sticks and leaves I can see the boys attacking a tree with their foam swords,”Isaac, we are going to beat Captain Hook because he is bad! I’ll be Oso Special and you can be Agent Dotty.” “No Oso! I’m not Agent Dotty, I am Fireman Sam!” I see Annie toddling around, snuggling a giant toy dinosaur like a baby doll. I love the way that Isaac and Annie sit together under the slide and just giggle together.


I can see the twinkle in Asher’s eyes as he peddled his bike up the driveway by himself for the first time. I said, “Asher, I am so proud of you! You did it!” As that look of victory crossed his face he looked me in the eyes and asked, “Mommy, am I cute?” “Yes Asher, you are very cute.” and with a sweet half smile he says, “I love you , Mommy.” and rides off again.


I put the vacuum away and straighten the pillows on the couch and I can see Annie climbing up with her Minnie Mouse for a snuggle. She leans over and gives her sister a kiss on the head, “I yu you, Sissy.” and Sailer smiles.


I stop and look around. Not perfect but it will do for tonight. I pick up the baby and as she is eating I watch her bright blue eyes begin to get heavy. Her soft, warm skin and steady breathing melt away any hint of stress from the day. With a little grin she nods off to sleep. Taking in the silence of the night I realize just how wonderful this day has truly been.


God, thank you for entrusting me with your precious treasures and for giving me the great honor of being called “Mommy”.



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