I am Rebekah,

I am thankful to God for creating me and choosing me to be one of His own.
I pray that He will continue to draw me to Himself and transform me to the image of His son, Jesus Christ, my savior!

I am married to an amazing, godly man.
He loves me and encourages me.
He truly makes me feel like a treasure.
My desire is to be a helper to him. To encourage and support him in all that he does.
I love you Benjamin!

I am blessed to be the Mommy of four amazing kiddos.

Asher Glen is 4.

He loves super heroes, firetrucks, swords and music.
His name means “Happy/Blessed”
He truly is a blessing and brings joy to us and others.

Isaac Thomas is 2.

He loves everything that “Ashy” does, animals, balls and his little sisters.
His name means “Laughter”
He goes through life laughing at everything!

Hosannah “Annie” Grace is 18 months old.

Annie Swim
She loves her brothers, her baby dolls, and being Daddy’s biggest princess.
Her name means “A plea and praise for salvation and grace.”
She is our bright eyed little girl, full of personality and tough enough to keep up with the boys.

Sailer Christabelle was born on the 4th of July

She loves eating , sleeping, and snuggling Mommy
Her name means “Beautiful Christian Vessel”
She is our little firecracker and loves all the attention she gets from her older siblings.

 I am blessed to be able to stay home with my children while building a business that I really enjoy.

My daily goal is to:
Live a life that brings glory to God
Serve my huband because I can and not because I have to
Look my children in the eyes just to tell them I love them
Enjoy each moment while it is here

My reality is:
I am not a very disciplined person
I am not the perfect housekeeper
I like to cook… sometimes
I love to do projects, but rarely finish what I start
I may have an addiction to coffee (especially coffee roasted by my Beloved)
I am not as organized as I think I am

All-in-all, my life is perfect… for me!


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